Planning a trip somewhere in California this fall? You aren’t alone. According to data, the Golden State accounts for 11.5% of all domestic travel in the country and is the most visited state in the nation. Not surprisingly, the most visited county in California is Los Angeles — with approximately 53 million men, women, and children heading to the City of Angeles each year.

Unfortunately, all of this activity means that sometimes someone gets hurt through no fault of his or her own. With more than 5,200 hotels and tourist hotspots in the state, odds are that someone is likely to be injured in one of these places of business. If you or a loved one was injured on the premises of a California business, what legal rights or a potential for financial recovery do you have?

Hotels Owe a Duty of Care

California hotels owe a duty of care to their guests and visitors. This means that hotels have a duty to prevent injuries to you and/or your loved ones by providing a safe environment and warning you about any dangerous conditions of which you may not be aware. While a hotel is generally not liable for injuries resulting from property it does not own, possess, or control and does not have a duty to warn of dangers beyond its boundary (unless the hotel did something to create those dangers), it does have a duty to protect the you – a member of the public — from personal injury resulting from its own negligence. If you were injured on hotel property and believe that your injuries were a result of hotel negligence, reach out to an experienced premises liability attorney.

Slip and Falls at Hotels

A common injury at hotels is a slip and fall accident. If you slipped and fell on a wet floor because there were no signs warning you about the danger, you might be able to recover financially for your injuries. Additionally, where stairs are not properly illuminated or maintained, have no safety rails, or are otherwise kept up in such a manner as to contribute to a slip and fall accident, the hotel could be liable for your resulting injuries.

Another common hotel injury involves swimming pools. Swimming pool accidents can result from the hotel’s failure to:
• post warning signs when a lifeguard was not present,
• mark the edges or depth of the pool,
• post signs warning children not to use the pool without an adult in attendance,
• post telephone numbers for the nearest ambulance or rescue services,
• provide the necessary safety, rescue, or first-aid equipment or instruction,
• keep the pool sufficiently filled with water,
• remove dangerous objects in the pool,
• provide adequate fencing around the pool,
• post illustrations of artificial respiration procedures.

This list not exhaustive. However, California law clearly states that if a guest is injured or killed in a swimming pool accident, the hotel is liable if its negligence was the cause of the accident. A skilled accident attorney can discuss your potential case with you in further detail.

If you or a loved one was injured on hotel premises or at another place of business, it is important that you report the incident immediately and seek prompt medical attention. For more information about your potential premises liability, reach out to the knowledgeable trial lawyers at Dennis Law Group today.