What You Need to Know about Auto Accidents in California

Car accidents can be minor and cause no injuries to the occupants or damage to the vehicles. Unfortunately, however, most California car accidents do cause injuries. Accident victims then go on to deal with lost wages, costly medical care, emotional trauma and sometimes even long-term disability. Read on for some dos and don’ts of auto accidents in Orange County, California.

DO Call the Police

Even if you do not think you have been hurt in the car accident, call the police. The responding officer will take an objective report to help determine liability. You’ll be given a report number and you can get a copy of the report in a few days. The police can also help with the exchange of personal information between the drivers.

DO Seek Medical Attention

Back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, profuse bleeding, unconsciousness, and broken bones are all serious injuries and require immediate emergency medical care. If you don’t believe you have a serious injury or that you’ve been injured at all, you should still make an appointment to get checked out by your doctor or go to urgent care. When car accidents occur, our bodies release adrenaline. This means that we often don’t feel as much pain right away. But internal injuries and minor injuries may get worse if you go without medical treatment.

DO NOT Sign Anything from Any Insurance Company1499414174_car_accident

At the end of the day, insurance companies are businesses. Businesses are looking to maximize profit and reduce their expenses (i.e. you). Paying out on claims is an expense. If you sign a settlement agreement, you could sign away your right to bring a lawsuit or not get all of the money that you need for your losses, and you may lose your right to compensation for future medical care if your injuries are serious. Make sure that you have an attorney read over anything that an insurance company sends to you before you sign it.

DO NOT Wait to Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

In California, the statute of limitations says that you only have a certain length of time available for you to bring a personal injury lawsuit. To protect your potential legal claim, contact an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can.

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