NFL Quarterback Pleads Guilty to Assault

Los Angeles, California, March 13, 2018

NFL Raiders cornerback Sean L. Smith has pled guilty to PC 245(a)(4) felony, and Great Bodily Injury (PC 12022.7(a)), 1 year jail, 5 years formal probation, 365 CJ, restitution and a stay away protective order.

In July of 2017, Sean Smith beat his victim, Mr. Christopher Woods, to near death and left him unconscious with a severe brain injury on the sidewalk with no thought or care for his life.

The victim’s attorney, Jonathan S. Dennis of the Dennis Law Group, released the following statement:

“First and foremost Mr. Woods would like to thank the Pasadena Police department and District Attorneys’ office for vigorously prosecuting his case. But for their tireless and persistent work, Mr. Smith might have eluded prosecution for his senseless and violent crimes against Mr. Woods.=

He would also like to thank the bystanders who witnessed Mr. Smith’s attack on Mr. Woods and came forward to offer their testimony in court. As a social worker for the state of Georgia, Mr. Woods’ purpose in life is to help those in need, which is why he is especially grateful for these two bystanders who went out of their way to assist Mr. Woods when he could not help himself.

Mr. Woods is pleased that the false testimony of Alicia Brown, Mr. Smith’s cousin, was refuted by video evidence, proving that at no time did Mr. Woods ever become aggressive towards the love of his life, Mr. Smith’s sister, Rayna.

Mr. Smith’s senseless acts on the evening of July 4, 2017 forever altered Mr. Woods’ life for the worse. Mr. Woods’ 8 year loving relationship was crushed in a matter of moments as the result of Mr. Smith’s untamed anger and difficult relationship with his sister.

Mr. Woods is gratified that Mr. Smith has admitted his culpability, however is disappointed that Mr. Smiths’ one year prison sentence is a grave imbalance given the life time of pain and suffering Mr. Woods will endure as the result of the severe brain injury, fractured face, and torn ACL, all caused by Mr. Smith’s senseless acts.”

Christopher Woods suffered severe brain, head, and facial injuries and will be pursuing further action in civil court.

Mr. Woods is represented by attorney Jonathan S. Dennis of Dennis Law Group, PC, located in Orange County, California.

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