Rain & Car Accidents: The Deadliest Road Hazard

Southern California is known for its beautiful weather, beaches, and residents. When it rains in the lower half of the Golden State, drivers often panic, and car accidents abound.

This weekend is no exception. Already, reports of serious auto accidents are pouring in and many innocent victims are suffering numerous injuries in multi-car crashes on freeways and side streets across Orange County and Los Angeles. Indeed, rain is the deadliest driving hazard, far surpassing ice and snow with the number of fatal car accidents it causes.

Why is driving in the rain so dangerous?

There are several reasons driving in the rain can be dangerous, including:

Unsafe drivers. Whether they are new drivers or seasoned drivers who have little experience driving in the rain, bad weather conditions, bring about two types of drivers who can significantly increase the risk to others: excessively timid drivers and reckless drivers. While we often do not think of timid drivers are causing problems on the road, they can and do. By driving at excessively slow speeds, overly timid drivers can cause rear end collisions that often result in multi-car pileups. On the other hand, reckless drivers who ignore the rules of the road an1487462424_car_collision_insuranced continue to use their phone to text, surf social media sites, etc… (even though it is against the law to do so while driving in California) or drive at dangerous speeds for the conditions cause a number of serious auto accidents.

Slippery roads.  What many drivers do not know and therefore fail to take into account is that when it first starts raining, roads are their most slippery. When the road first gets wet, oil rises to the surface and creates a greasy surface.  If a driver is tailgating, for example, and can’t stop his car in time and, accidents happen.

Decreased visibility. It can be challenging to see clearly during a rainstorm, especially when we experience corresponding gale force winds, as we have been. What’s more, when rain is combined with dirty water kicked up from the road by other drivers, windshields can quickly become dirty.

If you are taking to the roads this weekend, stay safe, drive carefully, and leave plenty of space between your car in the car in front of you. And know that if you or a loved one are injured in an auto accident that was a result of another driver’s negligence, California law and the experienced accident attorneys at Dennis Law Group are on your side. Contact Dennis Law Group today for a free consultation and to discuss the financial compensation you may be able to recover.