Stay Safe on Halloween! Safety Tips to Help You Avoid a Car Accident

Halloween is all about the tricks, treats, and costumes. With more people in cars and out and about while walking their favorite neighborhood, it’s important that you take some extra measures to stay safe and avoid a car or pedestrian accident. Here’s a list of safety tips you can use to stay safe these Halloween.

Don’t Wear Your Mask Behind the Wheel

We’ve all seen the funny photos online of someone sitting at a stoplight while wearing a horse mask. And while masks are a lot of fun, they can make it hard for you to see. Don’t wear your mask if you’re behind the wheel on Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving during the day or at night. Even if you can see directly in front of you while wearing your mask, you’ll have less peripheral vision which can lead to car accidents. If you or a loved one are injured by a driver wearing a Halloween mask, contact an experienced injury attorney to discuss your legal rights.if_halloween-cartoon-014_708404

Drive Under the Speed Limit

To avoid a car accident on Halloween, drive under the speed limit. Regardless of whether you’re driving around adorable trick or treaters or heading to a costume party, there will be many cars on the road that will suddenly stop to let children in and out of their cars. Driving under the speed limit (and following vehicles at a safe distance) will help you avoid car accidents because you have more time to stop. Rear enders are common on Halloween, speak to a lawyer if you’re injured in a rear end accident.

Driving under the speed limit on main roads during Halloween is also beneficial. With more drivers on the road, you need the extra time to stop to avoid someone who may run a red light or stop sign.

Just Say No to Distracted Driving on Halloween

It can be tempting to snap a quick picture of your adorable trick or treaters or of spooky Halloween decorations while behind the wheel, but just say no to distracted driving. With more people out walking and more cars on the road, distracted driving will be even more dangerous. If you want to take a photo, pull over and park your car. This can help you avoid a minor or serious car accident.

And if you or someone you love are injured in an auto accident on Halloween, do not worry — the experienced accident attorneys at Dennis Law Group are available for a free consultation to discus your legal rights and potential for financial recovery. Contact us today.